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Interstim Therapy

As part of Dr Saffarian's commitment to providing high quality, personalized care, he has been trained on many technologically advanced minimally invasive procedures in order to help his patients have a better quality of life. For over 5 years, Dr Saffarian has been offering Interstim Therapy to male and female patients with urinary urgency and frequency who qualify for the procedure.

What is InterStim Therapy?

Finding relief from the symptoms of overactive bladder can be a long journey. There are several options available. InterStim Therapy is an option for patients who have not had success with, or could not tolerate, more conservative treatments. An overview of choices includes: Pads, Kegel Exercises, medications, physical therapy, fluid and diet changes.

InterStim Therapy was created by Medtronic, developer of the pacemaker. Medtronic's medical technologies help make it possible for millions of people to resume everyday activities, return to work, and live better, longer. InterStim Therapy works with the sacral nerves, located near the tailbone. The sacral nerves control the bladder and muscles related to urinary function. If the brain and sacral nerves don't communicate correctly, the nerves will not tell the bladder to function properly, which can cause bladder control problems. InterStim Therapy targets this communication problem by stimulating the nerves with mild electrical pulses. InterStim Therapy was FDA-approved in 1997 for urge incontinence and in 1999 for urinary retention and significant symptoms of urgency-frequency.

Medicare in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, as well as many private insurance companies, covers InterStim Therapy. Call our office at 408-779-2009 today for more information or to schedule an appointment to find out if InterStim Therapy is the right treatment for your problems with Over Active Bladder.

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